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H.I. Me


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H.I.ME tells the story of how the ascension towards control can quickly turn into a downward spiral of self-destruction. At a crossroads in their lives, Andrea desperately recruits Salon in a deceiving attempt to convince Lucius to settle down and start a family. With a broken condom and broken promises to fuel her along, Andrea sparks a path of confusion that will not soon be extinguished. She just knows that her cunning behavior can transform the neglectful ways of her partial boyfriend. A ticking mind and a foul agenda can take you places one should never want to end up. She needs to be all that Lucius will ever want. Lucius just wants to live his life. In the end, what really figures out is that all drama leads to a stage where the lights never come up.

Genres: Short | Drama Stars: Andrew D’Costa, Shaunté Usual, Chevee Crafton |

Written, Produced, & Directed by Elijah Kelley.

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